Maria Sherstiuk

Jazz / Lounge

MADE BY DREAMS is an International Music Project created by Singer/Songwriter traveling the world, Maria Sherstiuk.

Maria Sherstiuk: vocal & lyrics, music co-author.

Musicians from Ukraine, Italy, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia have taken part in this project.

In addition to beautiful vocals, piano, acoustic & electro guitars, there are energetic tabla, bongos, congas, drums, percussion, violin, saxophone.


About our first album ‘Happy to be Different’

Each day the sea is different. It’s calm and transparent from time to time. When it’s stormy the sea looks like magic and is exciting.

But after rainstorms its waves are dirtied because the rain washes mud into the sea water from all the surroundings.

HAPPY TO BE DIFFERENT is the Music created in different states of mind influenced by different life stages, different people and inspired by different musical styles.

Here classical piano and violins meet percussion and exciting vocal.

Enjoy our different songs made by Dreams!


You can listen my songs for free here.

My song ‘Knocked down by ego’
Maria Sherstiuk (vocal and lyrics)

My song ‘Initiation’
Maria Sherstiuk (vocal & lyrics)

My song ‘Life’
Maria Sherstiuk (vocal & lyrics)


My song «City of dead illusions»

Maria Sherstiuk  (vocal & lyrics)