Ukraine is immobilized by Russian ex KGB, Post Soviet mafia and traitors as well as Gulliver was tied up by LilliPut

Maria attacked

Ukrainian mafia (yanukovich) and Russian Military Services (putin, medvedchuk) started to prepare this bloody war in 2007 mixing corruption, anti-Ukrainian, Anti American, Anti-European propaganda in Mass Media, economic crisis, weapon, psychological manipulative practices such as NLP and Satanism.

Since 2010 mafia of yanukovich & azarov had been pressing Ukrainian middle & small business by means of raider attacks and extortion collecting money for the weapon and killers.

In 2013 yanukovich refused to sign Assiciation between Ukraine. Protests with 1,5 billions Ukrainians on Euromaidan was a result against him.

Since December 2013 until March 2014 Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian uniform had beaten & raped Ukrainians, killed & tortured Euromaidan demonstrators.
Today those who commited those crimes are free mainly, not punished, not lustrated.

70 % leaders of Ukrainian police and Post Soviet Security departments are traitors who are in service for putin.
You can see at this video how a Russian soldier in Ukrainian Police uniform was removing a Ukrainian flag in Febuary 2014.

Such a Russian habit to remove symbol of the foreign country in its capital.

50 % chiefs of Ukrainian Army and Police who were suppressing Euromaidan have remained on Government positions.

Volunteers, the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian diaspora abroad donate money for anti-terrorist operation to defend Ukraine. Volunteers buy weapons, clothes, shoes, food for the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainian President participates in the financing of ATO no more than 30-40%. Post Soviet Ukrainian army generals sabotage orders and betray Ukrainian fighters, putting them under attacks of the Russian enemy not armed, refusing help and additional forces.

The border between Ukraine and Russia has not been mined yet.

Ukrainians use weapons and military equipment manufactured in the 1960s.

Despite more than 3,000 deaths of our Ukrainian fighters and civilians, the Russian army invaded Crimea and occupied Donetsk and Lugansk region of Eastern Ukraine.

Sabotage continues. People suffer and pay by their blood for mistakes of the new President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Soon frosts. The defenders would have nothing to wear if volunteers hadn’t helped. But small incomes of Ukrainian people are not enough to buy new weapon and tanks.

That’s the easy way putin captures territory paralising Government structures.

Russians believe his lies in Mass Media and hate Ukrainians. European Community ignores Russia’s war against Ukraine.

What further plans to capture do he have? — All Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Serbia and Montenegro, to restore the power of the USSR dictatorship.