Knocked down by EGO

Maria Sherr

Vocal, Back Vocal, Lyrics, Music: Maria Sherr.
Arrangment: Maria Sherr and Konstantin Shumilov.

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Knocked down by EGO

(by Maria Sherr)

Another call,
Another fight in a wrong time.
Another blow —
And you’re completely on fire.
Another silly joke —
And you are loosing control.
Managed by anger,
You can be twisted like a toy.

A tooth for a tooth,
And eye for an eye.
Your fury is growing,
You tell your wisdom ‘Goodbye!’
You rush about
Instead of boxing with the mind,
Knocked down by EGO,
in the beginning of a fight.

Not for the cowards,
I am singing this song.
It’s my experience.
For sure I was wrong.
So many battles
I’ve lost because of the rage.
Instead of the panoply
I dressed ego’s cage.