Happy to be different


Vocal, Lyrics, Music: Maria Sherr. Harmonica: Jordan Kostov. Violin: Angela Zayceva. Gitars: Kiril Momot. Percussion: Timur Gogitidze.









(by Maria Sherr)

When your future lives in the dark place,
When your freedom is majored by pain,
When your poems are written by teardrops
When it seems you are searching in vain.

When your money say ‘You are a bankrupt’,
When your wings have been broken and blocked,
When you are tired, alone and forgotten,
Sing this song of the bright ruby spot.

‘I am the reddest in the world.
I am the brightest singing spot.
I’m not a thing that can’t be seen.
Everyone will notice me.

That’s the reason
Why my plot
And the life that I have got
Are very bright but not too calm.
And I am often getting down
When I am close to be removed
Or repainted
For a simple look.
So I am happy to be red
Even if I am often sad.’

If your future lives in the dark place…

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