Ode to fears!!!

Maria Sherr (vocal, lyrics, back vocal), Timur Gogitidze (percussion, back vocal)










(by Maria Sherr)

I feel the fears inside me
That I can’t blow away
I hear their scary voices
That’s hard to disobey.

I see their ugly faces.
They make me run away
And hide myself in shelter.
I stop and leave my way.

The fear of losses.
The fear of failures.
The fear of weakness.
The fear of pain.

The fear of being broke.
The fear of going mad.
The fear of changes.
The fear of death.

Fears paralyze my body.
They squeeze my heart and soul.
They’re poisoning my brain.
Fears press me to the wall.

I live in own prison
That’s build from ‘But’ and ‘No’.
My life is like a mirror
of fears which I am controlled.

Fear to be funny,
Fear to be outcast,
Fear to be pelted stone,
Fear to be chased.

Fear to be criticized.
Fear to be crucified.
Fear that the time’s wrong.
And there is no place.

Fears block the freedom
To write, to draw, to sing.
Ideas’re buried
And have no chance to win.
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