Do Russian fears of Nazism make them conquer Ukraine & Crimea?

Maria_war period

Eastern Ukraine is a hot border that separates Post Soviet dictatorship of Putin from Europe.
Are you ready to face Putin’s tanks and weapon alone like Ukrainians have been forced to since Feb. 2014?
More than 3500 Ukrainians were killed already, thousands people were captured,
tortured, beaten, raped, rubbed , cut for organ trafficking and disappeared.
USA and UK should defend Ukraine according to the Agreement signed in Budapest in 1994.
Why they don’t carry their obligations? Ukraine got rid of own nuclear weapons. In addition, Russia is much bigger and has the world’s most powerful military industrial complex including nuclear weapons. This fight is in different weight categories.
Are USA and UK waiting Ukrainians get rid of all the corruption that was established there since Yanukovich took his power over all the Ukrainian Government structures?
It can take years. But the evil Putin’s army acts much faster. They had been training since 2008 to destroy Eastern Europe.
Don’t leave us alone! We should unite our affords not to bleed separately after.
Let’s face the fact NATO should support Ukraine before 3d World War is speeded to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belorussia, Serbia, Croatia, etc.

by Maria Sherr