‘Ode to fears!’/ MADE BY DREAMS

Vocal and Video Montage by Maria Sherstiuk.
Fire Show by Maria Vinova.
Percussion by Timur Gogitidze


Moments of my songs


Part of  my song «Love is risk we take»

By Maria Sherstiuk


Part of my song «My reflection».

Maria Sherstiuk — vocal




My song ‘Life’ 
Maria Sherstiuk — video, vocal, lyrics, producing; Alexander Kohanovskiy — piano, Angela Zayceva – violin, Kirill Momot – gitar, Timur Gogitidze – percussion, drums; Ruslan Kremov – bass gitar.


My vocal improvisation: Maria Sherstiuk


My song ‘I loose myself

Home Demo Music Video

Vocal & Lyrics: Maria Sherstiuk.

Bagpipes: Max Sansini. Piano : Alexander Kohanovskiy.

Percussion: Timur Gogitidze.